How Adobe uses Mantiks

How Adobe uses Mantiks

The company

Adobe develops and sells many digital marketing solutions. In particular :

  • Marketo, a complete marketing automation platform that helps marketing teams acquire and retain prospects and customers.
  • Magento, e-commerce solution with a unique user experience.

From the ideal customer profile (ICP), to the enrichment of data on target accounts

For both Marketo and Magento, Adobe had determined both a perfect customer profile, and a list of target accounts. But key information was missing to contextualize the sales approach: Are these companies already using a competitor? If so, which one?

When the marketing team identifies that a prospect is using a competing solution, it provides the data to the sales team, which can then contextualize its message and choose the appropriate time to engage the prospect.

Using Mantiks, Adobe's marketing team was able to:

  • Identify competing platforms (Shopify, Prestashop, Woocommerce...) for each target account
  • To know if the prospect had a CRM project in progress, indicating the right timing in terms of engagement
  • Find relevant contacts (name, job title and email) in the target accounts for a given job title (e.g. CIO, CMO, e-commerce manager...).

This data allowed Adobe teams to find the right sales approach and timing to go after target accounts.

Look Alike"method and lead generation

Identifying a list of target accounts is one thing, automatically finding others that exactly match your perfect customer profile is another.

Through web analytics and Machine Learning, Mantiks aims to provide the best information to give its clients a competitive advantage. These advanced techniques have allowed us to find and match similar accounts based on the following dimensions:

  • Sector
  • Revenue
  • Location of the head office
  • Use of a specific technology
  • ...

Once a qualified lead is identified, the most relevant contacts are delivered based on the defined KPI.

Good data is key

Sales approaches must increasingly be personalized, synchronized and relevant to the context and personality of the prospect.

By analyzing millions of weak signals such as job postings, public information, funding announcements... Mantiks finds the most qualified prospects and enriches the context of your most strategic target accounts.

In doing so, Adobe has optimized its Account Based Marketing (ABM) strategy to engage the right prospects at the right time.

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