Cristel Moreau

Cristel Moreau
Mantiks gave me a very good visibility on the job market.

The company

Cristel Moreau is an independent recruiter with several years of experience, specializing in the tech startup sector.

What were your difficulties before using Mantiks?

I was looking for a new mission and this required an important prospecting phase.

As an independent recruiter, I offer a very personalized approach for each client.

The information phase on the target company is therefore essential before approaching my prospect: what are the company's current and past recruitments, what is the current trend on the job market...

This allows me to approach the prospect with the right message.

But searching for information on job boards is time consuming especially if I have to look at job offers very regularly to get an idea of the trend on the job market.

What did the Mantiks solution bring you?

Mantiks gave me a very good visibility on the job market: the fact of having all the offers of the different job boards in the same place is very practical.

Access to the company's recruitment history allows me to fully understand their needs and possibly the recruitment gaps.

There are actually some sources I hadn't thought of for job postings like Glassdoor, with qualitative jobs.

In the end, Mantiks saves me a significant amount of time on the search for information before the prospecting phase, as well as a high visibility on the job market.

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