Enrich a list of companies with their recruitments

Enrich a list of companies with their recruitments

have a list of target companies that you know are a good match for your target, contacting them at the right time is key to improving your conversion rates.

These companies' recruitment signals will give you the perfect timing and a great hook for approaching them.

In the case of past customers sleeping in your CRM, it's much easier to convert a customer you've already had back into a new one than a new customer from scratch!

Knowing that your customers are currently recruiting will enable you to re-engage with them and, why not, sell them your services again.

What to do

  1. Create an account on Mantiks

2. Generate your API key from your profile page and keep it aside

3. Open a google sheets document

4. In google sheets, open App Script ("Extension" menu)

5. Copy and paste the code below into the Code.gs file

function mantiks_enrich(website, keyword) {
	const website_encoded = encodeURI(website);
	const real_age_in_days = 30;
	const api_key = "cles_api";
	const url = `https://api.mantiks.io/company/jobs?website=${website_encoded}&age_in_days=${real_age_in_days}&keyword=${keyword}`;
	const options = {
		"method" : "Get",
		"headers": {
			"X-API-KEY": api_key
	const response = UrlFetchApp.fetch(url, headers=options);
	const json = response.getContentText();
	const data = JSON.parse(json);
	return data.jobs.length > 0 ? [[data.jobs[0].job_title, data.jobs[0].location, data.jobs[0].date_creation, data.jobs[0].job_board_url]] : [["", "", "", ""]];

6. Replace the "cles_api" variable with your Mantiks API keys

7. Deploy the code

8. You can start your enrichment on google sheet by entering the company's website and a job title you wish to identify.


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