Mantiks has allowed us to save time on prospecting, while targeting highly qualified prospects!

The company

Findyourstaff is a recruitment agency specializing in RPO (Recruitment Process Outsourcing), which consists in offering the services of a recruiter - not only for sourcing but for the entire recruitment process of the company.

What were your difficulties before using Mantiks?

Findyourstaff's mission is to place timeshare recruiters.

Within the framework of our prospection, we were looking to identify companies with a particular recruitment need or with a certain recurrence in recruitment.

You can find this type of information by browsing job boards, but it is very time-consuming: you have to go through the offers one by one, filter the companies that match, and then finally find the right contact. Then you can finally start prospecting.

We needed to save time on this process to accelerate our business development.

What did the Mantiks solution bring you?

Mantiks has allowed us to save time while targeting highly qualified prospects!

Our priority is to target companies that are recruiting:

  • Recruiters.
  • Or on a specific sector of activity, with a certain volume of recruitment.

We then offer them an alternative with Findyourstaff - more economical, very personalized and with a high level of service quality.

As soon as a company matches one of these criteria, Mantiks sends us a prospecting report including the contact information of the right decision-maker.

Our teams no longer need to perform the operation manually, we send the data directly into Pipedrive (our CRM), and the leads enter our prospecting cycle.

Reacting on the recruitment signal allows us to get in front of the prospect at the right time with the right message.

Test Mantiks now to automatically find out which companies are hiring with the right decision-maker contact!