How to Scrap Welcome To The Jungle

How to Scrap Welcome To The Jungle

Why scrape job offers on Welcome To The Jungle?

Welcome To The Jungle is a French job board dedicated to employer branding.

The job board's initial target is tech startups, which makes it a very good place to prospect if your target prospects are tech startups that are recruiting.

Recruitment agencies

If you specialize in recruiting for tech startups (or technical profiles), Welcome To The Jungle is a great place to canvass (Pige or Ad Chase for recruiting firms), as the main companies on the job boards are tech startups.

As job boards are quite expensive compared to linkedin or indeed, this also means that the companies present on them devote a certain budget to recruitment.

To improve your prospecting skills, please refer to our prospecting guide for recruitment agencies.

IT Services and consulting companies

Tech startups are often looking for technical profiles and have fairly short lead times, whereas recruiting a technical profile, a position in high demand, can take up to several months.

This makes them a prime target for your consultants: Welcome To The Jungle is therefore an excellent hunting ground.

To improve your prospecting using job offers, please refer to our article on prospecting for IT services and consulting companies.

Software companies

Contextualizing your prospection is key to automating your lead generation while maintaining a good conversion rate.

By targeting a specific type of business with the right timing - tech startup hiring, for instance - you can build a solid lead generation stack to fuel your sales force.

Welcome To The Jungle offers a very good source of leads if your target is tech startups.

Scraping options for Welcome To The Jungle

There are several options if you want to web scrap Welcome To The Jungle jobs, we've listed them by category below.

Code your own job scraper

The most technical option is to create your own computer program to retrieve job offers from Welcome To The Jungle.

This option will save you the cost of subscribing to a platform that already performs this operation, but it will also take more time because you'll have to code the program.

The idea is to :

  • Analyze the source code of a job offer page on the Welcome To The Jungle site.
  • Identify the recurring code elements used to categorize data on the job title, description, etc.
  • Code a script to identify, retrieve and structure this information.

Let's take the following job page as an example:

Source code inspection on a job positng in Welcome To The Jungle

We've inspected the title element on the page to reveal where the job title is located in the page's source code.

You'll notice that the title is located in a particular position in the tag whose class is "job-metadata-block".

Well, this position is exactly the same on all Welcome To The Jungle offers.

Your web scraping script will be able to automate the retrieval of this information, as Welcome job pages always have the same structure.

You can use the Python language to create your script, in particular the BeautifulSoup library specifically for web scraping.

Please note that Welcome regularly changes the structure of its pages: be sure to keep your scraper up to date.

Web scraping tools

The second option is to use scraping platforms that automate the retrieval of web pages in a usable format (csv or excel file).

With these platforms, you won't need to get involved in programming to retrieve the data.

However, you will need a certain amount of technical knowledge to set up this type of tool.

Job scraping cannot be fully automated, as these platforms are general-purpose: they can be used to retrieve any type of information on the web - not specifically job offers. You'll generally need to connect several tools together, or even reprocess them manually, to get the result you're looking for.

Some web scraping tools

Find below a list of some of the main web scraping tools:

  • Captain data
  • Phantom buster
  • Instant data scraper
  • Octoparse

Platforms to find contacts of companies hiring

The third alternative is to use a platform specifically designed to retrieve, or scrape, Welcome To The Jungle job offers.

The use case addressed by this type of tool is more specific than general scraping platforms: although more expensive, you'll gain in simplicity and, above all, in set-up time (no technical knowledge required).

At Mantiks, we specifically address the problem of scraping job offers from various job boards, including Welcome To The Jungle.

We retrieve all job offers from the following job boards on a daily basis: LinkedIn, Indeed, Glassdoor and Welcome To The Jungle.

The platform also enables you to identify the contact details of companies that are recruiting.

By automating the process in just a few clicks, you'll receive all job offers and associated contact details in your mailbox every week.

How to scrap efficiently job postings with Mantiks

A concrete example on how to scrap Welcome To The Jungle

Below is a concrete method for automating the scraping of Welcome To The Jungle job offers.

This method is illustrated with the Mantiks platform.

Target companies based on their recruitments

Mantiks retrieves all Welcome To The Jungle job offers on a daily basis.

You don't need to do anything on your side to automate the retrieval: just log on to the platform and filter the companies according to the recruitment!

Let's create a new report on Mantiks, targeting small and medium-sized companies recruiting Devs in France over the last 30 days:

Targeting companies based on their recruitments

Here you'll find 809 companies that match the results, with recruitment and ESN companies automatically excluded from the results.

Clicking on one of the companies, "Pluxee" for example, will give you access to details of the job offers:

Pluxee job postings on Welcome To The Jungle

Here we see that Pluxee posted jobs on Welcome To The Jungle about 1 week ago, for a lead developers.

This is a good example of how your targeting criteria can be matched to a job posting on Welcome To The Jungle.

You can also filter by the following criteria:

  • Keywords in job description
  • Volume of job postings
  • Number of company employees
  • Company sector
  • ...

Get the contact

Once you've identified the right companies, you can select the profile you'd like to contact in Mantiks.

Find contacts on Mantiks

Here, we've selected several contact types (called Buyer Persona) - a grouping of job titles to identify the right person in a company.

By selecting CEO, we'll search for all people with a job title such as founder, founder, CEO, managing director, ...

The idea is to save as much time as possible in identifying not only the companies that are recruiting, but also the person to contact within these companies.

Launch and automate your lead report

The last step is to set up your report to give it a name, an e-mail address to which it can be sent...

And, above all, the frequency at which you want to receive it automatically: every 2 days, every week or every month.

Report settings

You're ready to go and find all the companies recruiting on Welcome To The Jungle according to your targeting criteria!

The final report will contain data on :

  • the company: name, website, size, etc.
  • the job offer: job title, job description, etc.
  • the contact: name, job title, e-mail, linkedin url, telephone if requested
An report exemple from Mantiks

And there you have it: Welcome To The Jungle's job offers are just a few clicks away!


As long as you can access the data publicly, without accepting any general conditions of use, the data is freely accessible.

Automating the retrieval of open-access data to save time on a manual operation is therefore legal.

Are Welcome To The Jungle job offers updated on Mantiks?

Yes, we get all the job offers on Mantiks every day from the following job boards: linkedin, indeed, glassdoor, welcome to the jungle.

Is there an API to retrieve Welcome To The Jungle job offers?

Welcome To The Jungle does not offer a public API to retrieve job offers.

However, Mantiks allows you to retrieve all Welcome job offers using a Webhook directly accessible from the application.

Mantiks helps the sales & marketing teams of recruitment professionals to automatically identify the contact details of companies that are recruiting.