The company

LaDraft is a recruitment company specializing in RPO.

RPO (or Recruitment Process Outsourcing) is a practice that consists of outsourcing the competence of the recruitment manager. Not only the sourcing but the entire recruitment process while adapting to the internal processes/tools of the company.

LaDraft is mainly involved in the sectors of Tech, digital and industry.

The Challenge

LaDraft wanted to increase its revenue by focusing its efforts on companies with a current need for their service.

Using job postings for prospecting purposes was already a known practice because it provided a "timing" and a relevant context to approach prospects.

However, the operation was manual and considered too time consuming.

The Mantiks solution

The implementation of Mantiks allowed LaDraft to react as soon as a company matching their targeting criteria published a job offer from :

  • Talent Acquisition or Recruitment Officer on a fixed-term contract or freelance basis

-> Filtering on the terms CDD and Freelance in the description of the offer allows you to focus on companies with a specific need.

  • RPO directly to complete their Talent Acquisition team.

As soon as the job posting is published, the company and the selected Buyer Persona (contact of the right decision maker) show up in Mantiks' reports, allowing LaDraft to approach the prospect at the right time and in a contextualized manner.

The ROI for LaDraft

Following the implementation of Mantiks, the ROI for LaDraft was immediate:

  • Save time on the lead generation phase: several hours of lead research per week
  • 2 customers signed in the first 2 months of use - during the summer!

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