The company

Superpitch is a creative agency specialized in video content

Superpitch targets marketing or communication managers in large companies.

In order to support their growth, Superpitch is implementing a growth strategy to identify and target companies that need their services through cold emailing campaigns.

The Challenge

The challenge Superpitch faced was to significantly improve their conversion rate in order to close more sales.

Therefore, the question that arose was "when and how to approach our leads?"

The timing and context provided in campaigns are critical to attracting the attention of leads.

The Mantiks solution

To meet this challenge, Superpitch used Mantiks for its lead generation - based on the weak signals contained in job postings to find sales opportunities.

By analyzing companies' job offers, Mantiks detects the context, HR needs or current projects of companies.

Once companies are identified by a signal that they need Superpitch's services, Mantiks provides contact leads that match the exact persona of Superpitch.

The ROI for Superpitch

By doing so, Superpitch was able to detect with Mantiks :

  • The arrival of a new director,
  • Companies launching a new product,
  • Companies that have not found the right candidate for them.

Each company found was enriched with the contact information of the right Buyer Persona (name, job title, e-mail).

Finally, the leads are automatically sent every week by email to the Superpitch sales team - saving valuable time on prospect research.

Mantiks provided both the right timing to approach the customer. But also the contact information to start his prospecting quickly and in a contextualized way.

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