Find companies hiring Sales

Find companies hiring Sales

The fact that a company recruits Sales people indicates a need for business development.

Identifying these companies is very useful for many companies when prospecting, for example:

  • Recruitment agencies: find companies that are recruiting to place candidates quickly.
  • Sales development agency: identify companies with a sales development needs to find new missions for your consultants.
  • Software in Sales Tech: selling a tool for sales teams? Target fast-growing companies with strong sales needs.

We've developed Mantiks to meet this challenge of generating leads based on hiring intent.

In this article, you'll learn how to :

  • Find all the companies recruiting salespeople.
  • Identify the right decision-maker in these companies to start prospecting.
  • Automate the generation of this lead report every week.

All in just a few clicks with Mantiks!

For instance, here is the link to a list of companies hiring sales (list created the 10th of January 2024).

Scrap job postings

There are many ways to scrap job offers:

  • Get them manually.
  • Scrape job offers using third-party tools (octoparse, instant data scraper, phantom buster...).
  • Develop and code your own scraping solution.

All these options are time-consuming and require advanced technical knowledge to implement.

Mantiks aims to make the process of scraping job offers and identifying the right decision-maker as simple and fast as possible, with just a few clicks.

Today, we get all job offers from platforms such as Indeed, LinkedIn, Glassdoor and Welcome To The Jungle.

Mantiks updates job offer data daily, giving our users real-time access to the job market.

Create a first lead report with Mantiks

To find the contact of companies hiring, you have to log in Mantiks first:

Once you've logged in, you'll be taken to the report creation page. Simply click on "Create a new report".

Create a new report

Find companies recruiting

Filter job postings by job title

It all starts with filtering companies based on their recruitment.

Below, we wanted to find companies recruiting technical profiles.

Searching by job title works by exact match, so we entered the following keywords: sales, business developer, sdr... To capture as many job offers as possible.

In order to target only positions with a certain seniority, we have excluded certain terms from the description of job offers: internship, apprentice...

As this type of contract is not always specified in the job title, it's more effective to exclude it from the job description.

Finally, we have filtered results on job postings published in the last 30 days to have only the freshest offers still open.

Mantiks gives you access to companies' complete recruitment history

Target only SMBs

Your perfect customer may not be a major corporation, or may belong to a particular industry.

On Mantiks, it's possible to filter the companies on the number of employees, industry, fund raising, etc., and thus have the most accurate lead list.

Targeting accurately your leads with the right timing and context (here hiring intent) gives you the abiliy to personalize your approach as much as possible (see our article on the best prospecting messages for recruitment agencies).

Below, we have selected only small and medium-sized businesses (companies with between 1 and 500 employees):

Target only SMBs

Exclude consulting and recruiting agencies

You'll notice that the exclusion filter for consulting and recruitment agencies is activated by default, in order to target only end clients.

Consulting & Recruiting companies excluded by default

This automatically extracts recruitment agencies and consulting firms.

Some of these companies sometimes slip through the net because they try not to be detected as much as we try to detect them.

Fortunately, we manage to extract most of them 😄

Identify the right decision-maker

Once you've identified the companies recruiting according to your targeting criteria, go on to the next step to find the contact details of the person you want to get in touch with.

Select the contact of your ideal client

Here we've selected several types of profile: CEO, Sales director, HR director, and the person who published the job offer.

For the person who published the job offer, this is the mention "published by" present at the beginning of the offer on LinkedIn: Mantiks enables you to identify and automatically get this person's contact!

Job posting including the person who published the job

If it's relevant to you, you can also find the direct phone number of your prospect with Mantiks, by selecting the enrichment you want:

Enrich your leads with the direct phone number

Mantiks will then find the full name, exact job title, email, LinkedIn profile and direct phone number of the selected profiles.

Automate report generation

The final step in setting up your report is to specify the e-mail address to which you wish to receive your prospect report, and the frequency with which you wish to receive it automatically.

Every 48 hours, every week, every month... The choice is yours!

Final setup

Once you've launched your report, it will arrive in your mailbox in just a few minutes!

You can start your prospection right away!

Mantiks helps hundreds of recruiting and IT services companies to automatically find the contact of companies hiring.