Find your perfect clients with ABM

Find your perfect clients with ABM

In this article we present a definition of Account Based Marketing (ABM) and an example of how to implement an ABM strategy with a concrete customer use case.

Account-Based Marketing

What is Account-Based Marketing and why is it important for B2B marketing and sales teams?

ABM is an approach that focuses marketing and sales efforts to attract targeted, high-value customers with a high chance of conversion. It's an approach that has gained traction over the years, especially when the more personalized and targeted approach is perfectly suited to highly specialized SaaS products and services in the B2B space.

We were able to intervene in the implementation of an ABM strategy directly for our client Adobe :

As a marketer, Adobe uses an Account-Based Marketing strategy to improve its conversion rate, targeting only high-value leads.

Traditional Marketing vs Account Based Marketing

From ideal customer profile to target account data enrichment

For its Marketo (Marketing Automation platform) and Magento (CMS platform for e-commerce) solutions, Adobe had determined both an ICP (Ideal Client Profile) and a list of target accounts.

But he was missing a key piece of information to contextualize his business approach: are these companies already using a competitor?

By identifying that a prospect is using a competing solution, the marketing team provides qualified leads to the sales team who can contextualize their message and choose the right time to engage the prospect.

With the Mantiks solution, Adobe's marketing team was able to:

  • Know which competing platform each prospect on the list was using.
  • Identify whether prospects have a CRM project underway, which could indicate the right time to start the conversation.
  • Gather relevant contacts (full name, function and email) within the prospect's organization for a given function (e.g. CIO, CMO, e-commerce manager...).

This information allowed Adobe to find the right business approach at the right time.

"Look Alike" and lead generation

Having a list of target accounts is one thing, but automatically finding other accounts that exactly match your ideal client's profile is another.

Through web analytics and machine learning, Mantiks aims to provide the best information to give its clients a competitive advantage.

These advanced techniques allowed us to find and match similar accounts based on the following dimensions:

  • Sectors
  • Revenue
  • Location of the head office
  • Use of a specific technology or product
  • ...

Once a qualified lead is identified, the most relevant contacts are delivered according to the defined ICP.

Good data is essential

Sales approaches must increasingly be personalized, timely and relevant to the prospect's context.

By analyzing millions of digital signals such as job postings, public information, funding announcements... Mantiks found qualified prospects and enriched the data for key accounts.

As a result, Adobe has optimized its ABM strategy by filling in the gaps and collecting the right data to engage prospects in the right way at the right time.

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